Refers to facilities like money transfer, saving accounts, checking accounts, confirming accounts, and leasing, provided commonly by banks, credit unions, and finance companies with experienced counselors like Doug Foshee. Small businesses get finances through the following financial services:



It is also known as Receivable Accounts Financing. It’s the process by which small businesses sell their receivables to a financial company. The investment company then collects payment on invoices from the business’s customers. Factoring enables businesses to receive quick cash on their invoices. It also assists institutes to speedily build up their cash-flow, which allows them to handle customer orders, pay their employees and enlarge their business. The lengthy wait on customer payments can limit the amount of funds your company has to meet expenses and achieve financial goals.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is about another company making payments to a supplier of another business in order deliver its customers’ orders. Many small businesses experience cash-flow problems and therefore, small funds to fulfill clients’ orders. This setback to the firm may ruin its credibility. The status of the needy business is also at stake when word spreads that it’s incapable of meeting the client’s needs. The business approaches another company, probably a financing company for assistance to pay off their supplies instead. The purchase order finance company is responsible for collecting the invoice from the customer and charges the needy business a certain amount of fees.

Asset-Based Lending

loan applicationSmall and Medium businesses often have issues with cash flow, and thus, need loans to keep them running. The business in need is required to offer inventory or other assets in a balance sheet as security to get this loan. Small interest rates are charged because if the debtor evades, the lender has the authority to seize the assets and cover the costs. Ledgers, balance sheet, and assets are inspected to calculate the company’s legal borrowing capacity.

Cash-Flow Lending

Businesses that are in need of quick finances can use this financing service because a collateral review is not necessary. The only thing required is the company’s personal and business cash flows. Financing institutions evaluate expected future company incomes, enterprise value, and its credit rating. Cash-flow loans apply to enterprises that do not have physical assets or have significant margins on their balance sheet. However, these loans have higher interest rates due to lack of a physical security from the debtor in case of any evasion.